Risk free trades

Terms and conditions of the Risk Free Trades

The reimbursement program concerns the Five trades conducted by a client regardless of their trading results. If the first Five trades, opened and closed after having registered in the program, include loss-making ones, the loss will be paid back to a client’s trading account.

In order to participate in the RiskFree program, a client needs to deposit at least $200 into his/her trading account using the client cabinet and activate the RiskFree promo code.

The reimbursement program will apply to the trading account that has been activated through a minimum deposit of $200 using the promo code. The reimbursement program may be applied only once to one trading account of a client.

Within the RiskFree program, the company undertakes to reimburse a client for the losses from the first Five trades, but not more than initial deposit. The program covers the first Five trades opened and closed after having registered in the program.

A request for reimbursement shall be sent to support@aztrades.com or Contact your accounts manager

Reimbursement within the framework of the RiskFree program will take place within 3 business days from the date of receipt of a client’s request.

Reimbursement will be paid to a client’s trading account provided that no withdrawals have been made from the account participating in the program during the participation period.

The funds paid back under the RiskFree program may be used only for trading purpose.

The Company undertakes to perform its liabilities under this program and pay back a client’s loss-making trades provided that the client complies with the program conditions and the terms set out in AZtrdes public offers. A client’s participation in the program may be suspended and reimbursements cancelled with no reason given if a client has been using fraudulent trading schemes. AZtrades has a right to refuse reimbursements under the RiskFree program in the following cases:

  • Client Agreement and Terms of Business have been violated;
  • Provision of false personal information when registering or refusal to confirm personal information with relevant documents;
  • Fraudulent trading schemes adopted by two or more participants with the view of allowing one of them to make assured profits;
  • Use by a client of fraudulent trading schemes.If necessary, the AZtrades Company may request additional information to confirm a client’s identity. In case identity information is not provided upon request, the Company has the right to cancel reimbursements under the RiskFree program and/or cancel trading results achieved by use of such reimbursements.
  • The participation conditions for the RiskFree program at AZtrades can be changed at any time without notice. A client accepts the participation conditions as soon as he/she registers for the program.