Earn On Trades

Terms and conditions of the Earn on trades

“Earn On Trades” receives points for total transactions (Volume) made on the trading account on below listed currency pair. You will receive 100 points for each complete 1 Lot on Forex (100,000 Volume). The total volume of closed transactions will be taken into account.

points are awarded as follows on all currencies listed below:


0.01 Lot = 1 point = $0.1

0.1 Lot = 10 Points = $1

1 lot = 100 points = $10

  1. “EARN ON TRADES” is free of charge with a minimum account balance not less than $200.
  2. points are awarded for only closed transactions,
  3. Closed transactions faster than 20 minutes are not eligible for “EARN ON TRADES” promotion
  4. The points expire on every last day of the month and first day of following month the point balance is restored to zero.
  5. Points can be used only for trading purpose.
  6. Points cannot be transferred between different clients or between different accounts.
  7. AZtrades reserves the right to terminate the benefits of “EARN ON TRADES” without any notice.
  8. Minimum Payout 50 Points
  9. Points can be rewarded for trades after first five trades.