Make Everyday Simple And More Secure

100% bonus offer as the first promotion.

AZtrades widens and letting your trading opportunities to boost your Trading Skills immediately by. providing you with a 100% Tradable bonus on your First deposit. You only need to make a deposit, choose the bonus amount and it will be credited to your trading account within 24 hours

Change your broker and get Transfer Bonus of 10% extra on first Deposit.

An amazing offer on switching your broker.

AZtrades gives you an opportunity to get 100% Forex bonus from initial deposited amount plus 10% additional bonus for moving from your previous broker during the promotion period.

Charged to trading account Bonus amount will be added to Equity and appear at “Credit” line. Customer can use this amount for trading operation. Maximum amount of Bonus is $5000.

For more information and the promotion code on the Bonus terms please contact Company’s representatives via call back request or email.

Risk Free Trades

With our Risk Free Trades offer you get THE ULTIMATE TOOL TO TRADE. We Insure Your Deposits So You Feel Secure About Your Trades.

Your deposit will be insured so that if you make a profit – it stays in your account. Should your trade go in an unplanned direction we reimburse your first five deals losses.

If that sounds “Too good to be true” we are here to tell you IT IS TRUE!

Open an account TODAY and your initial 5 trades will be 100% RISK FREE! To Your Financial Freedom and Success in your trading journey!

Under the concept of A to Z trades we are happy to introduce “EARN ON TRADES” for our valued traders in order to boost their trading account on each Trade executions.

AZtrades is the essence of how it defines its role in financial markets – consolidating long-lasting relationships with its valuable clients.

AZtrades offers you extra trading benefits. All Traders are rewarded with points for their transactions, Depending on the volume of their trades, you get points that can be converted into clients trading account for trading purpose. The more you trade, the more you get!

All Aztrades clients will receive points for their each transactions only on selected currency pairs .

Please refer T&C for more information

Simple, fast and secure payments in real time

We are happy to introduce a new and amazing withdrawal of AZtrades Prepaid Visa & MasterCard option for our existing and approved clients – Now you can spend your trading profits instantly without withdrawing to a bank account.

  • Load your card in real time – When you withdraw from your AZtrades trading account the funds are added to your card instantly as they are deducted from your trading account.
  • Use the card worldwide wherever AZtrades card is accepted – With the AZtrades Prepaid card you can pay online, in-store or you can simply withdraw your funds from ATM which accepts Visa or Master.
  • Track your spending 24/7 – You can check your balance, view your trading history
  • Easy Access to All of Your Money – A Prepaid account tends to have limits on how you can withdraw money because they don’t have physical banks. Having a Forex linked bank card allows you access to your money on a card that works just like your standard debit card with restrictions on per day limit. You can also access all of the money on the card at an ATM which is accepts visa and mastercard.
Prepaid Card Details